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The aim of the website is to promote the rich and fascinating history of Sunderland AFC. Our motto is “A Legend Never Dies”. was particularly set up as a result of the current re-writing of English footballing history before our very eyes, particularly, in our opinion, by a well known media outlet. You will note that football in England didn’t start in 1992 but has its roots in 19th Century Victorian England, although globalisation means that a love of our club is growing in other parts of the world. For that reason we are pleased to welcome any football fan who cares to join us. We’d particularly like to say hello to all the Sunderland fans from overseas who are looking in.

In this site you will find out all about Sunderland AFC prior to the formation of the Premier League, although with so much to input please bear with us whilst the site is developed further. We’re always adding stories and profiles. We have a concentration on promoting the little known at SAFC be they players, matches, teams or events. Some players for example only played 1 game for us – you’ll find out about some of them on here. If you think that there is something we have missed, or something you would like too see then please e-mail us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

The emphasis to date has been on the pre war exploits of our club, but we’re fast moving on with the story. Remember that this is not a statistics site. If you are keen on the statistical history of Sunderland AFC then please refer to

The Stat Cat - they do it better than anyone. The story also takes in the formation and demise of our once nemesis, Sunderland Albion.

To promote the history of Sunderland AFC further and to make it more accessible we also offer you the opportunity to purchase 6 x 4 prints from

our shop. The preferred method of payment is Paypal (you don’t need an account with them) but for other payment methods please e-mail us. Furthermore as Blue House Field is also an author and publisher of football books we also offer you the opportunity to purchase football books written or contributed to by us.

The following has also been used as resources for this website:

The Official History Of Sunderland AFC
Sunderland AFC’s finest Matches 1879 to 1939
The Battle for A Town – Sunderland AFC v Sunderland Albion
Stars In Stripes – Sunderland AFC As The Vancouver Royal Canadians

And the latest publication Sunderland AFC’s Finest Matches 1940 to 1973 – available to advance order soon. Note that most of our books are limited editions and sell out fast. Copies when available can be obtained from outlets such as A Love Supreme, Sunderland Supporters Association, Waterstones and Blue House Field Limited.



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